The 10 best known types of investments

A good investor is always looking for new ways to diversify their portfolio that fit their profile and are in line with their goals.

However, selecting the best investment assets can be a daunting task at times. Find out now which are the ten most well-known types of investments that can help you get started or expand your investment horizons.

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The investment market is vast and becoming increasingly accessible to newcomers. However, for this reason, you must carefully select the types of investments on which you wish to concentrate your capital.


Bonds are essentially loans that an investor can make to a business or organization. At the maturity date of the bond, they receive the interest that the investment accrued over a previously specified period. They are frequently thought of as low-risk investments.


Stocks are investment assets used in the growth of a business. Investing in shares is similar to purchasing a piece of the company, and the return on the asset is determined by the company’s profits and development. They are regarded as a more volatile asset.

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ETFs are investment funds traded on the stock market on a daily basis in the same way that regular stocks are, with the exception of attempting to replicate the performance of a specific index. They offer the benefit of allowing investors to track the performance of the indicators for their funds.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a way of investing in securities and function similarly to ETFs, although they are not traded in the same way that stocks are. It consists of forming a pool of investors to assist a company in reaching specific investment goals and can pose a medium to high level of risk.

Savings Account

Savings accounts are a very popular type of account among those who want to invest in a practical and risk-free manner. However, they have a lower yield when compared to the other types of investments presented.

Certificate of Deposit

Investing in Certificates of Deposit entails lending money to a financial institution in exchange for compensation over a set period of time, while the bank uses the funds raised from investors to make loans to its customers. It is regarded as a low-risk investment.

Retirement Plan

A retirement plan is another common type of investment, designed to ensure that people can live comfortably once they are retired from their jobs. There are various options available for putting retirement investments into action.


Annuities are a type of investment in which contracts are issued with insurance companies in exchange for the payment of transaction fees with the goal of accumulating a future income stream. As a result, annuities are frequently included in retirement plans as well.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate is regarded as a safe and guaranteed profitable option for a variety of investor profiles. They can ensure a consistent income by renting out properties or profiting from their sale.


Investing in commodities encompasses the investment in raw materials for its use in industrial production. It is one of the oldest forms of investment and has the advantage of reducing investors’ losses due to inflation.