The 8 technology companies that grew the most in the last decade

Over the last decade, the technology sector has grown at an exponential rate. This is easily seen when comparing the level of technological devices that are an active part of our lives and the accessibility to them that we have today compared to what we had ten years ago.

In this post, you’ll learn about the 8 technology companies that have experienced the most significant growth in profitability and productivity over the last few years.

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Apple is notably one of the most prominent brands in the fields of information technology, hardware, and software development. Over the last ten years, the value of the company’s shares has nearly doubled.

Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, the brand has completely revolutionized the phone market by investing heavily in efficient processors, innovation and appealing design up to the smallest details.


Google is a company that provides a variety of software services and has maintained a monopoly on Internet search businesses in several countries over the last decade.

Image: Reproduction/Web

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Google’s investment in advertising technologies, as well as its dominance in video services and other applications, have resulted in consolidated sales profits in 2020 that were up to five times higher than the brand’s level in 2010.


Microsoft was one of the brands that came to be worth more than a trillion dollars by the end of the last decade as a result of its exponential growth.

The company has had a well-established domain in the computer software sector as well as a strong presence in the gaming industry over the last years.


Over the last decade, South Korean company Samsung has become a market leader in the smartphone industry, becoming the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

The brand’s initial global growth raise coincided with the popularization of the Android mobile operating system, and Samsung has since expanded into other markets and successfully maintained its dominance.


Facebook has gradually surpassed all other online social platforms in popularity over the last decade and it performs admirably in the stock market with its high adaptability to industry demands.

One of the factors that most contributed to this exponential growth is that the company acquired and began to manage various very popular services such as Instagram and Whatsapp.


For the last decade, Intel has been the great international market leader in the development of data center and processor solutions for computers and servers.

Intel has also made significant investments in artificial intelligence technologies, indicating that the company will continue to have a significant influence in the technology industry for years to come.


Cisco Systems is a global leader in cloud storage and Internet networking equipment. The company also creates hardware and other services that help people use the Internet more effectively.

The company’s stock has risen since it diversified its production – which was previously limited to large business equipment – to end-user technologies, remote access, telephony, and banking services.


Oracle Corporation is a multinational technology company that specializes in high-performance computing, databases, software development and marketing.

Despite having a lower overall growth rate than the previous companies on the list, Oracle began the decade as an industry leader in the supply of enterprise software and databases, and it continues to have a high profile in the sector.