What to consider before investing in Apple’s share

There is no one who does not know the company founded by the legendary Steve Jobs in the 1970s. With the company’s growth in recent years, buying shares in Apple has become an investor’s desire.

Based in California and listed on the American stock exchange, the company that created the iPhone can be the perfect option for you, depending on your investor profile like described see down below, so check it out!

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What to consider before buying 

Before buying shares in Apple Inc., it is important to know better how the company works and its performance in the market of stocks, and technology. A good start is to follow what the broker analysts say.

They usually issue reports with their views on the company’s future. Mostly Apple’s share price is one of the highest compared to other stock prices in the market and also to other tech companies.

In these reports, analysts give guidance to investors: whether they think it is time to buy, sell or keep the shares. In July 2019, among 43 analysts who followed Apple and, approximately half suggested buying the shares. Only three recommended selling and the rest, maintenance.

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Apple’s net worth is about $1 trillion dollars

The Apple debuted on the stock exchange in 1980, in one of the IPO (Initial Public Offering) trendiest of the season. The shares were sold at $22 each and at the end of the first day of trading they were already worth $29. The company was valued at about $1.8 billion, which was a huge amount. Today, Apple is worth close to $1 trillion.

Between the various aspects that made this possible, Apple also invested in different products to its client such as services (like Apple Music), products (like Apple Watch, iPhone and many other things). With those many offerings, Apple can stand relevant in the market share among the various private and public companies.

The company’s growth – always considered one of the great innovators in the technology market – has intensified since 2007, since the launch of the iPhone. Probably that’s why the investment advisors and the financial experts’ investment advice is to keep the investements on the company.

Apple and outlined the smartphone market, which have become part of people’s day all over the world. In recent years, it has been on the list of the largest companies in the United States, rivaling mainly Amazon and Microsoft.

Financial performance stands out

The Apple conquered some of its most significant financial results in recent quarters. In the first fiscal quarter of 2019, which ended in December 2018, for example, the company recorded the highest earnings per share in its history: $ 4.18. With this performance, Apple distributes dividends regularly to its shareholders – in general, four times a year.

The monopoly of technology companies bothers

As they have become some of the largest companies in the world, the performance of technology companies in the market now draws more attention. In the United States, officials have questioned alleged monopoly practices. Investigations are seeking to identify whether the industry giants are acting illegally to harm competition.

This issue is uncomfortable for companies like Apple. In general, in their defense, technology companies argue that they make heavy investments in innovation, resulting in differentiated products and generating jobs. The consequences of this type of accusation may have an impact on the performance of the company’s shares.

Whether or not, based on the current share price and Apple’s market capitalization, investing on the company’s share is still a great option for you investment portfolio.

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Source: InfoMoney