Check out the best apps to track your investments

Everyone who has dabbled in the financial market is aware that keeping an accurate record of the performance and progress of all of your investments can be difficult at times.

As a result, many investors seek out for accessible apps that can assist them in maintaining complete control over their investment portfolio. Check out some of the most popular apps for this purpose.

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You can get a balance sheet of your portfolio, keep track of fees, of real-time earnings and stock exchange movements, and get a profit projection for long-term investments through good investment tracking applications.

It is much easier to determine the most profitable investments and which assets are better for you to focus on in order to achieve your goals with the help of a tool like this.

You can save time and thus money. However, it is well worth doing extensive research to find the tool that best fits your investment style and is reliable enough that it will not cause additional worries in the future.

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Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a company that offers some of the most well-reviewed online services for keeping track of your investment portfolio. It charges a fee of about 0.89 percent for personal advisory services and free asset allocation tracking.

It includes a variety of useful financial tools, such as tracking monthly income, balances, return, cash flow, credit card linking, performance graphs, and more.


Statfolio is a stock and ETF investment tracker that focuses on data analysis, performance, and visualization. Currently, only stocks listed within the United States can be tracked through it.

It provides an overview of the investor’s current holdings and performance divided by sectors or industries, as well as access to graphs that cover time framed performance and a better understanding of diversification opportunities.


The investor can easily access a well-developed overview of their portfolio and track their dividend income with Sharesight. It also allows you to send tax reports directly to your accountant.

The investor receives daily price and currency updates, as well as performance updates on their investments, and can import their trading history and incorporate stock splits. The first ten holdings are free, and premium plans are available for additional holdings and features.


Betterment provides access to guided investment, retirement planning, and facilitated financial management.

The tool assists you in precisely defining your investment goals and outlining a concrete plan involving your assets to achieve them. It provides free tools as well as premium, payed ones.


Wealthfront is an automated investment services firm that allows you to link all of your financial accounts, track your savings rate, closely monitor your account activity and access your current net worth in real time as well as the projections for future objectives.

It optimizes your finances by strategies for lowering taxes to pay as you invest, automatically reinvesting the dividends, rebalancing your portfolio, avoiding overdrafts and increasing after-tax returns.