How to profit from selling Team Fortress 2 items

Team Fortress 2 is a popular free-to-play action and first-person shooter game that is team-based, with a focus on combat and character classes within a variety of game modes.

The game was released in 2007, but to this day it continues to be very successful and has a loyal following of admirers and regular periodic updates. Find out how you can profit by selling items from the game.

Image: Reproduction/Valve

As with many games, TF2 includes a variety of skins for weapons, accessories, special effects and other items that generally have no effect on the gameplay in itself but rather just modify game’s graphics visually.

Players can earn and use them or gather them in order to sell it afterwards. Although selling through Steam market it is useful to increase your wallet and be able to buy other games through it, the credit received can only be used within the Steam store.

Therefore many players become more interested overtime in being able to cash out their game items in exchange for real money.

Image: Reproduction/Valve

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How to get items

The easy way to obtain items in-game is, of course, playing. The longer the playing time, the more chances of getting an item to be dropped.

But free-to-play account drops are often not good enough to become profitable in the market. Therefore, it is recommended that in order to receive better item drops the player should upgrade their account to a premium level.

In Team Fortress 2 this basically means purchasing absolutely any item within the official in-game store, called Mann Co. Store.

After that, the drops quality start to get better. They can usually occur every hour or so of playing on secured game servers, always by checking the authenticity of the account and non-usage of bots.

Which items to sell

In this game the most commonly trading item are the keys, one-time-use items that open one locked game crate. They cannot be found from random drops or be crafted, being traded or bought through the Mann Co. store.

The cosmetic item more profitable for selling would be a hat, or spells. A player can trade and sell low value items that cost up until 10 keys, or higher tier of Unusual quality that can cost anywhere from 10 to more than a thousand keys.

Weapons have their profitability increased mostly only when they come with a Killstreak counter – tool items that work pretty much like StatTrak from CS:GO marking how many kills the player made with any weapon equipped with it.

Spells in TF2 are usually very profitable, starting from weapon spells up until footprint spells. There are Discord and Reddit communities dedicated to discussing about availability and demand for spells.

Specific items from the most popular character classes are also the most sought after items to buy – an interesting thing to keep in mind while analyzing the market.

How to sell

As in any other market, the great source of profit within commercialization of TF2 items is to know which items are in greater demand through knowledge of the market, something that is acquired gradually.

Besides, you have to analyze each situation to know how to sell at a higher price than what the items are purchased for and what are the selling platforms that best cater to your needs.

To boost your Steam wallet, it’s best to sell within the community market. But to turn the income into real currency, one can look for specialized stores on the web or communities built specifically for discussing selling and trading.