Why invest in eSports?

The e-gaming sector is a growing industry that is expected to grow much more in the coming years. The sector is worth an average of US $ 5.1 billion and is expected to reach much more. This growth is attributed to the increase in the number of people who play video games.

Video games are now more accessible and cheaper than ever, which has led to an increase in the number of video game players. The game market will continue to grow as more people start playing them and new competitive gaming are released.


Although the rankings of the most popular games change almost every month, the ten most-watched games on the dominant streaming site Twitch remain the same. Until then, the free online game, published by Riot Games, League of Legends remains the most watched sport in the world.

It is worth mentioning that the most popular eSports genres include online multiplayer battle arenas, real-time strategy, or first-person shooter games. In addition some competitive video gaming are very popular like League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Heroes of the Storm are also popular in the gaming industry.

The growth of the games market is increasing, allied to the technology that develops more and more due to the graphics and the gameplay that improves with each game. In addition, social isolation has contributed to many people getting to know electronic games, making them more popular.


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How to invest in the gaming industry?

As unusual as it may seem, many people and companies have invested in electronic games. You may be wondering, but how do they do it? There are some ways to invest in the games market, one of which is to finance teams, a professional gamer, a traditional sports league, a gaming company, or become a game developer. 

ESports teams need, among other things, time and equipment to train and participate in competitions. And of course, they need to have money to pay for equipment, the internet, and basic necessities, such as food, housing, and the internet.

Thus, both game companies and people can finance the eSports teams to pay for these expenses and in return combine a part of the prize money, if the team wins and also, it is possible to organize or finance small events with competitors who are starting their careers in the games industry.

Is it worth to investe in gaming industry now? 

Despite the current economic crisis in the world, the gaming industry keeping to grow in contrast to other sectors that have been severely affected. Despite not having as much attention from the media or the government, eSport is a great promise in the country, due to three factors: the price of games, an exhibition on free channels, and the growing audience.

Price of games

Physical games usually cost an average of R$ 100, as is the case with God of War 4, which costs around R $ 150, however, the values ​​of electronic games are more affordable. As an example, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is for R$ 30, and the only costs are usually for the skins of the characters or the game.

Exhibition on free digital channels

Matches and competitions between players are commonly broadcast on free channels available on the internet. Channels such as Youtube Gaming, Twitch, and Abazu, contrary to what was previously thought, the games sector has been growing more, and more, as a profession.

Growing audience

In the transmission of games through digital channels, the number of viewers is growing. Therefore, investor brands have access to and can improve the variable income they usually have through engaging in broadcasts, facilitating choice in partnerships, and promoting eSports events with good prize money.

Translated and adapted by Billpay

Source: Finance